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“It’s time to get going!”

P.E.P “Prayer Evangelism and Preparation”

“It’s time to get going!”

Meditate: Genesis 12:1 - “ a land that I will show thee.” Genesis 45:5-10 “...God sent me before you to preserve a posterity and preserve life...” 1 Kings 17:1-6 “...I have commanded the ravens to feed you there...” Revelation 12:6 “...a placed prepared of God that they should feed her there...”

Inevitably, at this time, during the COVID-19 crisis, the thought on every mind is ‘it’s time to get out of the cities, into the country.’ The majority of us however, do not have the means to just up and go, as much as we’d like to. What are we to do?

The meditational texts above have at least one thing in common: *God had a place prepared for His people, where they would be nourished!* Praise God! He sees and knows!

There are however some things that we need to get straight in our minds. Country Living is not designed for us to become hermits until Jesus comes. There is work to be done! While we still have time, they should be “outpost centres” for training and healing. Isaiah 58:6-7, 10 should also be a living reality...actually, even before the country dwelling. What are we to do in the cities before God opens the way to the country?

Contemplate: More and more, as time advances, our people will have to leave the cities. For years we have been instructed that our brethren and sisters, and especially families with children, should plan to leave the cities as the way opens before them to do so. Many will have to labor earnestly to help open the way. *But until it is possible for them to leave, so long as they remain, they should be most active in doing missionary work, however limited their sphere of influence may be.*

CL 24.4 Here is practical advice on Country Living from White Horse Media. Watch: Let us edify and sharpen one another. We’re in this thing together. Maranatha! ————————— Reference: CL - Country Living

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1 Comment

Dilenio Enderle
Dilenio Enderle
May 24, 2020

Certamente Deus pesará sua mão sobre vocês, por não seguirem a orientação dele. Deus orientou para morar no campo e não na cidade. Sair das cidades é a ordem. Morar no campo e trabalhar nas cidades, está é a verdade. Não usem apenas um texto para suportar a sua própria ideia. Que o Espirito de Deus possa ensiná-los devidamente!

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