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Lockdown?! Depends on how you look at it!”

P.E.P “Prayer Evangelism and Preparation”

“Lockdown?! Depends on how you look at it!”


Daniel 3:22-25 - Lock down or lock in?

Daniel 6:20-23 - Lock down or lock in?

Acts 1:13-20 - Lock down or lock in?

So, we’re into another week of the lock down. What are you doing with the time? I’d like to suggest that if we shifted our focus just a little higher, we would actually see that instead of being locked down, we could be locked in.....with Christ!

Take note of the meditational passages again:

1. Those men on the plain of Dura, were not bound and ‘locked down’ in the fiery C , they were ‘locked in’ with Christ in the midst trial and the flames. Being Even Nebuchadnezzar could see that. Being locked in didn’t change the situation but it did definitely change the temperature!


Isaiah 43:2

2. Daniel was not ‘locked down’ in the lions den, he was very much ‘locked in’ with heaven, so much so that his current trial could not harm him. He had peace in the middle of the storm.


Mark 4:37-39

3. The 120 in the upper room were not so much ‘locked down’ in the upper room, they were ‘locked in’ with God, engaging in prayer and Bible Study. Read carefully the verses and you will see that they were studying the fulfilment of prophecy. It would seem that their prayer and study time was very powerful, because after the lock down, they emerge different people... “on fire!” Note also, that after the 120 come out from being ‘locked in’ with Christ, they went on become part of the greatest revival and reformation movements to date.

There is another, greater movement coming...will you be a part of it? It will depend how you have spend your time during the ‘lock in.’

Are you ‘locked down’ or ‘locked in?’


Revelation 18:1-4


Andre Crawford


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