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How Many More Semesters? - Elder Ramesh Massey

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

How Many More Semesters?

Sam had recently joined a college, and this was his first semester. He found it difficult as he had come out of government run education system to the state of art education facility. Though his determination was commendable, however, his first semester results were abysmal. So much so he had decided to pack up and go home. I realised his struggle and suggested that he should perhaps at least give another semester and then review the situation, to which he agreed and stayed on.

When it’s not your day, everything appeared to go against you. This is what exactly happened to Sam in second semester, he contracted chicken pox, a painful virus and due to its contagion properties, he was quarantined for a considerable period. The recovery was slow, in the process he had missed out most of the classes; thus the end result would reflect another blow to his future. He recovered well, but was absolutely disheartened and literally wanted to say good bye to his dream college. After much persuasion, he decided to give a final shot to ascertain if he can pursue his studies.

Disappointment is the first seed of doubt that intrudes on our faith.

Disappointment sounds so harmless, but it's the tip of a wedge that will stop our spiritual growth and make us bitter and defeated (Craft, 2007).

Disappointments are part of life. Aren’t there times when you went for a job and you felt really good during the interview, but the result was totally opposite to your expectations? Our struggles are no different, be it our finances, our ambitions, dream jobs, our relationships or even our walk with God. Too often we endeavour to begin a new leaf in our life, but suddenly something happens and despite trying hard we do not appear to get anywhere. It is like that dream, where you are trying to run faster, however, you realise you are not going anywhere. Our prayers do not appear to go beyond the four walls – we feel low and demoralised.

Think of Sarai, who had gone passed the age of conception, both husband and wife had given up on having children. Then she was surprised at God’s promise, but still resisted the miracle (Gen 18:12). I sympathise with Sarah, our negative experiences lead us to a state of unbelief and lack of faith in the divine power. But we must hang in there, God is aware of our circumstance and He will deliver us according to His riches.

You may want to know how did Sam’s final attempt faired. Well, though it took him longer to complete, but he graduated with flying colours. He went on to complete his double masters from the reputed universities in the UK and now works as a lecturer in the UK.

God works mysteriously, do not draw your own conclusion, allow Him to do His will in your life. There are times when things do not happen exactly the way you have assumed, to your time scales and to your specifications and so forth. Do not set your heart on people or circumstances, set your heart on the Lord. He wants us to set our heart on Him even in our deepest disappointments. Remember God gives abundantly (John 10:10), pressed down, shaken and running over. (Luke 6:38)

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:8-9

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