We have so many ministries at our church that we cant put them all on the internet however what we do have meets so many needs for example: 

  1. Children's ministry and Pathfinders - Children from 2 years old to 16 have events and programmes that can engage and challenge them to be the best version of themselves they can be!

  2. Women ministries - We understand the challenges of motherhood, singleness and just coming together as young girls and older women, we have monthly events just for the ladies

  3. Men's ministry - We know the men like to get together and bond (iron, steel, brawn and all that) we know men have issues and surprisingly men go through similar things, getting together and coming up with solutions is great!

  4. Youth ministry - The young people like to keep it simple and so do we. I suggest engaging with our youth leader on all things music, social, mental health and life challenges.

  5. Health ministry - A healthy body, encourages a healthy mind that leads to a healthy life. We have principles that not only helps you to feel better, look better but most of all think better! 

Our Ministries

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