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“They’re going to scratch where it’s itching

W.A.P “Watch and Pray”

“They’re going to scratch where it’s itching”


Daniel 3:1-14 - It’s an issue of worship

Matthew 24:7-10 - One of many catalysts

Revelation 13:11-17 - It’s an issue of worship

COVID-19 Corona Virus has been the catalyst for some very rapid movements and changes in our world. But, in all this, one idea, one solution seems to be rising through the mirth and noise of the media bombardment of Corona Virus. Like cream poured on a latté, the idea of a Sunday rest is making its way to the top.

And for those in our world that have no idea what that would mean, it makes sense. Why wouldn’t it? China and Italy have observed that because of the lockdown pollution over their respective cities has cleared up. The ozone layer, we have been told is repairing itself. India’s air is clean again because of the drastic lock down measures imposed by President Modi.

More and more people are beginning to see and believe that and enforced rest may be beneficial to not only the people but to the world. Climate Change activists have metaphorically said “what took you so long.” But it would seem now that both the climate change clan and the COVID-19 response teams are on the same page.

Agreed, the world and the people need to rest. This has been clearly demonstrated and stated initially in Genesis 2:1-3 and Exodus 20:8-11. The day that The Creator of the world has chosen is the Seventh day Sabbath, but the created being says they know better. A day other than the Seventh-day Sabbath is gaining momentum and being agitated.


“Within weeks, the Coronavirus shutdown will draw to its inevitable conclusion. Life will settle into a new normal. In the long run, very likely our lives will change modestly…”

“At least one societal change resulting from the quarantine could do wonders to reinvigorate our national sense of family, faith, and community. Let’s give serious thought to reinstating at least some of the time-honored Sunday closure laws, sort of a one-day-per-week modified stay-at-home request. Such action would rededicate our society to a regular day of rest, family meals, civic associations, and religious observance.”

“By rededicating each Sunday as “a common day of rest,” we would say that the life of America is much more than never-pausing commerce and ever-grinding bureaucracy…Of course, there will be plenty of entrenched opposition to a renewed Sunday for rest, reflection, family, faith, and community…”

“We are witnesses to history rhyming through a medical contagion and many days of quarantine. After that quarantine passes, why cannot we also envision higher priorities for 52 Sundays of family dinners, neighborhood gatherings, and church bell chimes? Yes, that could be the sweetest sound, if history rhymes.”

“This might be the first time since the beginning of the Industrial Age that Earth is finally getting a break from the relentless activity and growth of human industrial production…”

“…Will we start to wake up and realize that “business-as-usual” is what has contributed to this crisis? Will we refuse to go back to the status quo that was so damaging to people and the planet? My concern is that there may be a “bounce back” where people go wild with consumerism and energy consumption after the virus has passed.”

“So it caught my attention when I noticed new terminology emerging about the need—and feasibility—of a new way of being and doing in the world going forward.

Phrases like “planned economic slowdowns” and “intentional degrowth” are coming to the fore. 

For those of us in the Judeo-Christian tradition, we know the Bible was way ahead of the game with this concept of “planned economic slowdown.” It’s called SABBATH.


Isaiah 8:9-13

As much as we must advocate a rest day, we cannot join with the loud voices in promoting one when that said rest day is the first day of the week. And it’s this mandatory separation that will propel us from Matthew 24:7 to Matthew 24:9-10.

Pray for each other, we are in this thing together. Christ promised that when we begin to see these things, we should look up because His coming is even at the doors.

Have a blessed Sabbath when it arrives at sunset today.



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