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Divide and conquer”

W.A.P - Watch and Pray “Divide and conquer” Read & Meditate: Esther 3:8 “...their laws are divers...neither keep they the kings laws...” Ecclesiastes 1:9 “...nothing new under the sun.” Maybe the Uyghur Muslim situation in China has slipped your field of view, but don’t sleep on what is happening to them.

We must pray for them! We must intercede on their behalf. Read & Meditate: John 10:16 “And other sheep I have which are not of THIS fold... Taking children away from parents to indoctrinate them is almost as old as humanity itself. But if we do what we have been charged to do, whether our children are biological or not, we need not fear what will happen to them if they are taken or when we are gone. “Nearly a half million children have been separated from their families and placed in boarding schools so far, according to a planning document published on a government website, and the ruling Communist Party has set a goal of operating one to two such schools in each of Xinjiang’s 800-plus townships by the end of next year... But the schools are also designed to assimilate and indoctrinate children at an early age, away from the influence of their families, according to the planning document, published in 2017. Students are often forced to enroll because the authorities have detained their parents and other relatives, ordered them to take jobs far from home or judged them unfit guardians.” Read & Meditate: Judges 2:10 - Not on our watch!! “Daniel and his companions enjoyed the benefits of correct training and education in early life, but these advantages alone would not have made them what they were. The time came when they must act for themselves—when their future depended upon their own course. Then they decided to be true to the lessons given them in childhood. The fear of God, which is the beginning of wisdom, was the foundation of their greatness. His Spirit strengthened every true purpose, every noble resolution. CG 167.1 Let us all resolve to work earnestly for our children, biological and otherwise, to train them up in the fear of the Lord, so that He can use them to the same degree He used the child preachers of the 1840’s. Maranatha! ————————————————— Book ref: CG - Child Guidance

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